On 7th November 2017, Mitra Innovation’s Chief Technology Officer – Sudaraka Jayashanka – will present his views on ‘Agile Digital Transformation through Open Source’ at the WSO2 Conference Europe 2017. Sudaraka, scheduled to participate in a panel discussion, will be joined by leading industry experts such as Damien Engrad from Emoxa, and Matteo Bordin from Profesia.

Sudaraka leads Mitra Innovation’s technology team and has provided guidance and expertise on a number of successful cloud integration and digital transformation projects for clients such as Travis Perkins, Jacob Bailey, and Water Plus UK, to mention a few

WSO2Con Europe 2017, is focused around the theme ‘Agile Digital Transformation Through Open Source’, and experts will discuss the topics of using ‘agile methodologies together with open source technologies’ to help organisations transform into highly effective digital enterprises. Participants and attendees can expect to hear of lessons learned along paths of digital transformation as well as industry best practices from the experts themselves.

Other notable experts who will be participating in the conference are:
• Tyler Jewell – CEO – WSO2
• Paul Fremantle – CTO and co-founder – WSO2
• Sanjiva Weerawarana – Founder, Chairman and Chief Architect – WSO2
• Pavel Litvinov – Chief Process and Innovation Officer – Finam
• Marie Austenaa – VP and Head of Personal Data and Mobile Identity – GSMA
• Seshika Fernando – Head of Financial Solutions -WSO2.

We look forward to seeing you there too.

Abdullah Muhsin

Specialist – Digital Marketing and Content Writing
Mitra Innovation

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