On the first Monday of November, the FOSS guys who wooed eBay in their first year of operations (this is a true story) are going to be talking about… guess what? That’s right, Free and Open Source Software. They will be talking about this at the WSO2Con EU conference, which is hitting the City for three days, from 6-8 November. The FOSS guys’ speaker session will be great to listen to, as ten years later, they are still going strong, and siphoning huge customers away from giants such as IBM (again, true story). For example, since the ‘wooing’ began, eBay has been using the 100% Open Sourced WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to process more than 1 billion transactions per day.

So what is the significance of Free and Open Source Software, and WSO2 middleware? And why should you attend next week’s conference?

WSO2 and Open Source Software – 

WSO2 is a technology and software solutions provider founded on the ideals of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). FOSS technologies aren’t proprietary solutions and are not really owned by anyone. This means you can use their technologies for free (guess what: true story) to improve your organisation’s use of Information and Communication Technologies. Free, readily available and modifiable, the WSO2 middleware platform architecture can be set up in a modular manner to best suit your organisations inter-systems communications requirements. In short, Open Source middleware such as what WSO2 offers can be likened to a universal translator for all of your business systems. It is a cheaper and easier way to have all of your organisational systems talk to each other quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

WSO2Con EU 2017 – what is it about?

This year’s WSO2Con EU event will focus on using Open Sourced Software and WSO2 technologies to power agile digital transformation within organisations and enterprises.

If you are an IT professional, a CTO, or CIO, Senior Architect, Integration Engineer, or a Developer, here are four reasons why you need to attend:


1. You will learn how to transform your organisation towards digital using WSO2 technologies and Open Source Software, from the experts themselves:

The Keynote speakers at the conference will be:

Tyler Jewell – CEO WSO2
Marie Austenaa – VP and Head of Personal Data and Mobile Identity GSMA
Sanjiva Weerawarana – Founder, Chairman and Chief Architect WSO2
Paul Fremantle – CTO and Co-Founder WSO2
Seshika Fernando – Head of Financial Solutions WSO2
And they will be speaking on a range of topics including ‘The WSO2 Digital Ability Impact’, to ‘Digital Transformation in the Guise of a Regulation – PSD2 and Open Banking’ to ‘Mobile Identity in the Digital Economy’.

2. You’ll be introduced to the single, most efficient and effective solution to integrate all your software components:

WSO2 Middleware is a highly versatile inter-systems communicator showcasing pluggable open source components suited for total digital transformation. Some of the WSO2 components you might be interested in for your organisation’s digital transformation journey are:

API Management
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Internet of Things (IoT)
WSO2 Cloud.


3. You’ll hear several case studies about WSO2 open sourced technologies, how they have been used successfully across multiple industries and companies, and how they could be relevant to your organisation:

WSO2Con EU 2017 has always attracted top notch speakers, sharing their experiences of using WSO2 open sourced technology in their industries. This year the list of distinguished speakers includes:

Christopher Stone – Head of Integration, Travis Perkins
Maciej Machulak – Global Technical Product Manager, HSBC
Pavel Litvinov – Chief Process and Innovation Officer, Finam
Raffaello Leschiera – Solution Architect, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
Artur Reaboi – Enterprise Architect, e-Government Center of Moldova
See the full list.


4. Best of all, you’ll get to meet us! The team at Mitra Innovation. And we’ll share our knowledge on WSO2 technologies and how they can be used to accelerate digital transform across your organisation:

Yes – we’ll be there! A team of us actually. During the whole event, some of our Mitra Innovation digital transformation experts – including our CEO, Ashok Suppiah – will be available at our stand to guide you through our digital transformation methodologies using WSO2 technologies, and agile practices.

Sudaraka Jayashanka – our Chief Technology Officer – will also be sharing his experiences as part of the panel discussion: ‘Case Studies from WSO2 Partners: Engaging for Delivery’. (This will take place on the second day of the conference between 16:15 – 17:00.)

Sadly, time is finite and so is space, so there are only limited tickets on offer. If I’ve managed to get you as excited as we are, get your tickets here – quickly – before they sell out.

And definitely drop by our stand. We’d be so pleased to meet you!

Abdulla Muhsin

Specialist - Digital Marketing and Content Writing

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