Thilina Herath

Technical Lead at Mitra Innovation

I’m proud to say I was the very first developer to join Mitra Innovation.

With a background in computer engineering, my experience covers the entire stack of engineering knowledge. My technical expertise includes .net, java, front-end, back-end and middleware technologies as well as the database aspects of engineering.

As a Technical Lead at Mitra Innovation, I oversee multiple projects ensuring that technical engineering standards are followed and the projects reach successful completions. In addition, I am directly involved in Mitra’s pre-sales activities, one of which recently led to winning Pizza Hut Australia as a client.

I am also responsible for organising internal ‘Tech Talks’ and I’m the president of Mitra Innovation’s sports club.

Previously coming from a very large company, with a structured hierarchy and strict responsibilities, Mitra Innovation provided me with a new opportunity to contribute to the company’s technical capabilities, and also go beyond my assigned responsibilities and gain exposure in other roles.

Mitra Innovation’s openness encourages the development of new ideas from any part of the organisation. This provides the opportunity for employees to propose new initiatives and gain support from senior management to bring these projects to life.

We do not stick to any set of technology stack. When carrying out different projects we try to use new technologies/languages as needed. This helps us to expand our technology knowledge, to grow and to learn. If you are passionate about technical things, Mitra Innovation is the best place to work.

Mitra Innovation has also encouraged me to move out of my area of technical expertise and to learn other business skills. I am working on a variety of projects and I am liaising directly with the client. As such I have developed my client management skills as well as my communication skills.

When it comes to my future career prospects I want to be a respected, well-rounded, hands-on technical person. Mitra Innovation provides me with that opportunity and will accelerate my development because I am able to work on a range of different technologies at once.