Dilshan Edirisuriya

Architect at Mitra Innovation

I am an Associate Architect at Mitra Innovation with 11 years of experience, five of which were gained at WSO2.

My experience spans multiple domains, and includes involvement in a wide variety of projects ranging from website development, to mobile applications and integration platforms as well as programming, using languages such as Javascript, Objective-C and PHP.

I joined Mitra Innovation because the company provides an opportunity to be part of something new and innovative. After I saw the initial job advertisement, I looked up Mitra’s YouTube channel and was immediately drawn in by a clip by Sudaraka Jayashanka. He was introducing BIMaaS (BIM-as-a-Service) which I thought was very impressive! I wanted to be part of a company that was developing such unique solutions.

Once I arrived at Mitra Innovation, I wasn’t disappointed. Mitra Innovation is a great place to work because of its unique values. We have a great team and an open culture where everyone from the executive team downwards is trusting, friendly, accessible and available for advice and guidance at any time. Mitra has a can-do attitude which I love.

Another advantage for me is the flexible hours. I can work from home or come in at any time if I deliver my goals and objectives.

Mitra Innovation’s people are its greatest strength, and the opportunity for career development is at the heart of the company’s ethos. I hope to use this experience to further my career in integration architecture as well as gain further experience in all aspects of product integration. Working at Mitra Innovation with such a broad client and product portfolio has set me on the right track to achieving my goal.