Asela Mendis

Product Manager at Mitra Innovation

With a background in Marketing gained at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I began my career at a freight forwarding company. I wanted a change because business analysis intrigued me. Joining Mitra Innovation was an opportunity for me to sharpen my analytical and business skills while working as a part of a team committed to helping develop executable strategies for clients around the globe.

At Mitra Innovation I am a Product Manager and work with my team on the product stream. We try to understand business developments and ideas, help get the requirements and funnel them to our developers in a format or language that is easy for them to understand. We also try to visualise how the business will progress in both the short and long term.

When I started working at Mitra in 2014 there were only 8-10 employees. The company has seen tremendous growth since then. The culture here makes me feel like I can make a difference. Mitra gives everyone a chance to be innovative, make changes where necessary and implement the things we desire instead of sticking to a particular system. Whether one has 10-15 years of experience, or is fresh out of university, we are all given a chance and encouraged to innovate. This is very exciting for me and makes Mitra Innovation a great place to work.

For the future of my career, I plan to remain as open as possible to learning anything and everything. Mitra Innovation offers me many growth and development opportunities. I am very pleased with what I have gained thus far and I am eager to further develop myself.