WSO2 is a middleware supplier. It is a sophisticated, Open Source company that produces software to enable other software – such as CRM systems and accounting systems – to communicate and share data. As Mitra Innovation uses middleware on many projects on behalf of our customers this article explains what it can do, as well as why we like WSO2 middleware.

What is middleware?
Even though you’ll never usually see it or touch it, middleware is very important. It enables different types of software to ‘talk’ to each other when they might not necessarily speak the same language. In just the same way that a translator enables a person that speaks French to speak with a person that speaks Russian, middleware performs the same function for software. This is important because in today’s world we’ve become more connected than ever before, and new applications and new software are being developed all the time. Without middleware, each new application would have to be specifically designed to ‘talk’ to each application that it needs to operate alongside. These kinds of bespoke options would be time-consuming and expensive. Middleware takes care of this problem, and enables information to be transferred from one system to another, when we need it to, regardless of devices in use, operating systems, location, or time.

Here is an example of how middleware can help:

WSO2 middleware
WSO2 middleware is unique because it is the only 100% Open Source, cloud ready middleware available on the market. This means that not only is it ready to use and free, but it can be used, customised, and improved without restriction. The nature of Open Source fosters rapid development and innovation in scalable environments. In a word, it gives you control. Control over development, control over budgets, and control over infrastructure.

Another benefit of WSO2 middleware is that it is seamless and secure, and it encourages rapid and innovative development customised to a developer’s needs. And because it is on the Cloud developers can also use it to work collaboratively and quickly in on-demand environments, learning from each other as they go. This is important because in competitive industries, the ability to get software products to market swiftly and without fuss can be the difference between success and failure.


What else can you expect from WSO2?

WSO2 has a huge range of modules, for example:

  • The Enterprise Service Bus is a lightweight, high performance, comprehensive ESB. 100% open source, WSO2 ESB effectively addresses integration standards and supports all integration patterns, enabling interoperability among various heterogeneous systems and business applications.
  • The WSO2 IoT server is a complete solution that enables device manufacturers and enterprises to connect and manage their devices, build apps, manage events, secure devices and data, and visualise sensor data in a scalable manner.
  • The API Manager combines easy, managed API access with full API governance and analysis.
  • The Comprehensive Identity Server is the central backbone that connects and manages multiple identities across applications, APIs, the cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things devices, regardless of the standards on which they are based.

WSO2 also has a proven track record:
It is used by huge global companies such as Ebay, O2Dialog Axiata
We’ve also used it on several projects we have run for some of our clients, namely:

  • Kraydel: an IoT – healthcare joint venture, which we helped to build with WSO2. Kraydel is a solution for health monitoring of the elderly and vulnerable.
  • CapGemini: we provided WSO2 expertise and resources to Capgemini for two of their key UK based WSO2 clients.
  • Capital Alliance: we recently helped the bank to find the best CRM solution and we are currently implementing a WSO2 platform to integrate with the chosen CRM
  • WSO2.Telco: we partnered with WSO2 to service six large Indian mobile providers.

Mitra Innovation became a preferred partner of WSO2 because We not only help our clients to choose the right WSO2 products, but we can also integrate them, as well as provide 24×7 customer support during integration and afterwards.


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