The convergence solution

The Convergence Marketplace Opportunity

Telecommunications companies generate and store vast amounts of data. In particular data concerning their customers network usage, devices, service bundles, billing and payments are of immense potential value. This high value data could be exploited by organizations in other industry sectors. However Telco’s and Mobile Network Operators struggle to gain complete control and visibility of the data in order to analyse and exploit it even for their own benefit. If this data could be made securely available both the Telecommunications company and organisations from different sectors could exploit it and deliver bottom line impacting results.

The Telco.X Solution

Telco.X is a new joint proposition offered by Mitra Innovation and Apigate that directly addresses the convergent market opportunity. It helps Telco’s and MNO’s get visibility of all their relevant data and bring it together in one easily manageable, accessible and secure place. The data can be merged with data from other industry sectors and public data sources. A set of secure API’s and prebuilt analytics tools create an open ecosystem that enables organisations from different industries to exploit the Telco’s “data lake” to create new applications that deliver business benefit for them. It also delivers new revenues back to the Telco / MNO who are paid for access to and usage of their data.