Can we combine educational and computer sciences to train machines to function as expert resources for businesses and organisations, and for the betterment of the world we live in?


Mitra Innovation recently made breakthroughs in its own proprietary Machine Learning project. Modelling Machine Learning around the needs of small and medium businesses, Mitra Innovation’s Machine Learning project named ‘Praedictio’ is well on course to training itself to handle business critical queries in areas such as customer forecasting, product life cycles, product management, understanding customer needs and more.

Commenting on the project, Mitra Innovation CEO, Ashok Suppiah said “Through our research efforts on Praedictio, everyday we are increasingly understanding that self-learning machines are going to be an inevitable part of our future. And everyday that passes, the odds of machines failing to achieve autonomous learning is getting smaller and smaller. At Mitra Innovation what we are trying to achieve is, to put that technology to good use; for the betterment of society. Not as a replacement to human workforces, but rather as a workforce enhancer for the benefit of businesses, organisations and customers.’

Focusing on bringing the benefits of self learning machines to businesses and organisations, Mitra Innovation also brings to its customers the expertise and benefits of working with highly advanced cloud computing technologies developed by undisputed industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. Mitra Innovation also provides specialised consultancies in areas such as Cloud Integration, Product Incubation and Startup Prototyping.

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