Squirrel is the ultimate bucket list app, created by former Australian bankers and a travel marketer, that has taken the world by storm. The app enables members – ‘Squirrelers’ – to create, plan and achieve their bucket list goals in life, set budgets against their goals, and have savings targets to achieve those goals. The goals could be to see the Northern Lights, or climb Everest, or go on a hot air balloon ride – anything that someone has always dreamed of doing. Squirrel features a highly intuitive interface, and seamless connectivity with major social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest.

The app was first developed and launched as a minimum viable product (MVP) in Australia in 2016, and soon gained a loyal following with active users in more than 60 countries, particularly in North America, China, UK and Australia. It was only available for download on iOS devices however, which left millions of eager android users unable to access the app.