To further enhance the enormous trade potential through facilitation of bi-lateral trade relations between Sri Lanka and Australia, the Sri Lanka and Australia Chamber of Commerce (SLACC) was established in March 2015. SLACC is the first, and only such body constituted in Australia, to foster commercial trade and dialogue between Sri Lankan and Australian businesses.

SLACC aims to work closely with other trade organisations, government bodies and non-governmental organisations dedicated to promoting greater cooperation and collaboration between Sri Lanka and Australia in all trade related matters.

SLACC intends to play a pivotal role in showcasing potential business opportunities to constituent business communities via an active calendar of events to be held in both Sri Lanka and Australia.

One of Mitra’s founders, Dammika Ganegama, is the Vice President of SLACC and devotes a lot of energy into ensuring the business relationship between the two countries is as fruitful as possible. Because of these efforts, the Mitra customer base has expanded to include some large businesses and franchises in Australia.