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The Australian government has been setting aside budgets for improving the lives of people with disability, and as a result, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is being rolled out. With the primary target of enriching their lives to enable people with disability to achieve their life goals, this scheme paves way for a whole eco-system of various stakeholders to play a much active role.

Leap in! is a disruptive new brand that’s being unleashed to assist the people with disability as well as their family, friends and supporters to navigate through this new disability scheme. Leap in! strives to support those in need to live an extraordinary life and empower those who need advice, support or coaching as well as remove barriers standing in the way of their full potential. With the new scheme being rolled out, Leap in! will help the members to prepare themselves to become an NDIS Participant and obtain the necessary supports from the scheme in the view of achieving their life goals as well as to be more inclusive in the society, while gaining the ability to live independently. In this eco-system, Leap in! will play the official “Plan Manager” role, being a partner helping them each step of the way, connecting them with a world of supports through an intuitive, personalised platform.

Mitra Innovation will assist Leap in! in their product journey of transforming lives for the better. The first step of the solution will be the Leap in! mobile application, providing an intuitive platform for Leap in! members, their friends and family and any supporters mainly in two ways:

  • For members getting ready for the NDIS Plan Meeting: Equip them with all information needed for the NDIS Plan Meeting in order to optimise and align the plan request with the necessary supports and life goals.
  • For members who already have an NDIS Plan: Execute the NDIS plan in a timely and appropriate manner in order to maximise the benefit out of the provided budgets

The mobile application is integrated with many other internal as well as external systems which brings the members, their family and friends, supporters, plan managers, services providers and all stakeholders on to a single platform, paving way for seamless navigation through the disability space. Starting with the above, Leap in! has many future plans involving data analytics, AI, social platforms, etc. and a lot more in store.

Jane Sheehy
 CTO of Leap in!

We are excited about the partnership with Mitra Innovation.  We have big plans, so we need a partner who shares our passion for our mission, agile innovation and technical excellence. As a not-for-profit we need to make every dollar count.  Mitra Innovation ticks all those boxes, and we are excited about how they will help us develop a more inclusive society in Australia