Kraydel combines advanced sensors and technologies to help people care for their loved ones (primarily elderly people), all from an app on their phone. Biometrics and the ‘Internet of Things’ give customers peace of mind by displaying statistics and figures to show that the person being cared for is mobile, well, and has, for example, taken their medication, hasn’t got lost, hasn’t fallen over, is not too hot or cold (body temp / room / outside). Kraydel then leverages smartphone features, that are all too often taken for granted, to enable people to feel connected with their loved ones, for example, through the creation of an easy-to-use platform to message and video call from.

Kraydel is ran by Paul Moorhead, previously the head of Intel’s EU Product Innovation division for the Internet of Things. The IoT is one of the fastest moving technology markets in the world, with Intel pioneering much of the technology, both in software and hardware. Using this expertise, Kraydel combines a variety of different smart sensors into an easily usable product.

Mitra Innovation is one of the equity partners and investors in Kraydel. The team at Mitra have also assisted in the development of the unique technology.