Christie Cowork is an Austrailian company that strives to support local and international businesses as a dynamic leader in the co-working office community. Christie Spaces offers a world-class interpretation of the coworking concept. They own multiple facilities and have an ambitious plan to offer a more innovative environment for people to work. Christie Cowork is a one-of-a-kind boutique-gallery workspace and they value independent, creative professionals.
Mobility, agility, collaboration and employee motivation are now key success factors for Christie Cowork who partnered up with Mitra Innovation in the journey of automating the coworking concept by creating a new experience in the co-working office community.

Christie Spaces together with Mitra Innovation are evolving the experience for the coworking office community by strategically developing an enhanced platform that will offer fast, intuitive technology throughout the space creating an environment of unparalleled engagement, productivity and community for all our members.

Video case study

Leveraging Amazon Web Service for rapid expansion for Christie Spaces