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Partnering with Leap in! Australia to help people with disabilities – using AWS Lambda Serverless architecture

About Leap in!

Leap in! is Australia’s leading National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan manager. Set up following the rollout of a new government scheme for disability funding, Leap in! is a joint venture between UnitingCare Queensland and UnitingCare New South Wales.

The organisation strives to support those in need to live extraordinary lives and empower those who need advice, support or coaching by making the NDIS funding accessible.

The challenge

Following the launch of NDIS, the care organisations wanted to create a fresh brand that reflected the innovative nature of the scheme and would provide a modern, interactive and truly digital solution. The Leap in! team wanted to build an app that would be a one-stop shop for users to prepare, plan and  manage their NDIS budget.

With a diverse target audience, the biggest challenge was designing a user-friendly app that would encourage those with a disability to make the most of the available funding. Having had a basic app created to get the project started, Leap in! wanted to optimise this so it could deliver the user experience it envisaged.

Being a charity start-up, Leap in! needed a cost-effective solution and began its search for a partner that could deliver a high-quality application for a reasonable price. Leap In! engaged with Mitra Innovation and found that its team of application experts were the perfect fit to evolve the app into the amazing user experience they were seeking.

The solution

The Mitra team worked closely with Leap in! to get a thorough understanding of the app requirements before starting the optimisation work. Having developed a deep understanding of the NDIS scheme and the vision Leap in! had for the app, Mitra could scope out the mobile application to ensure it would meet expectations.


The app needed to be an intuitive platform for Leap in! members, their friends and family and carers. The app’s first set of capabilities were designed for members getting ready for the NDIS plan meeting. At this stage, the app needed to provide the latest information that would equip them for the meeting so members could optimise and align the plan request with the necessary supports and life goals. Mitra revamped the app so that Leap in! could quickly edit information to ensure it was always giving members the most up to date information.


For members who already have an NDIS plan, the app needed to assist them in executing the NDIS plan in a timely and appropriate manner to maximise the agreed budget. This required the app to be integrated with multiple separate internal and external systems so that information from various sources could be accessed from one location. The Mitra team enhanced the platform to enable fast and reliable integration between all its components, making for a seamless member and provider experience.

The result

A truly user-friendly app that enables members to access funding and maximise their allocated budget. Leap in! has been able to achieve its goal of helping Australians with disabilities, by connecting them with providers and the community groups who support them. Impressed with the quality of the app, Leap in! is planning to increase its functionality, with the aim to make it more intuitive with user-generated content and the use of AI.

Business benefits

  • Greater uptake of the funding available via the scheme

  • Being the charity of choice for accessing the funding standards
  • A single joined-up app that means users don’t need to navigate elsewhere

Jane Sheehy
 CTO of Leap in!

We are excited about the partnership with Mitra Innovation. We have big plans, so we need a partner who shares our passion for agile innovation and technical excellence. As a not-for-profit we need to make every dollar count. Mitra Innovation ticks all those boxes, and we are excited about how they will help us develop a more inclusive  society in Australia

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