Mitra Innovation founders reveal global expansion plans for 2019

  • Over 100% continued growth trend for the 7th consecutive year, and profitable without any debt
  • Expansion into Europe and Kenya during 2018
  • Mitra is a major WSO2 Global partner with the largest number of digital transformation and Integration experts
  • Strategic plans to expand SL company in 2019 towards Tech-innovation and Cloud expertise
  • Aim to become a global expert in DevOps
  • Mitra plans to expand business in East Africa and South Asia in 2019
  • Development of specialised frameworks towards Telecoms and Finance sectors
  • Significant breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by investing in our product — Praedictio
  • Fully fledged ‘data lake and predictive analytics’ solution in 2019

Mitra Innovation announced its plans for rapid global expansion this week, during their annual leadership and strategy programme in Colombo, Sri lanka. During the conference, the Mitra Innovation founders shared experiences and insights relating to the organisation’s progress during the year 2018. The founders also revealed plans to expand operations into the rapidly growing ASEAN and East African regions that are heavily invested in digital transformation. In 2018, Mitra Innovation launched client servicing operations in new regions such as Kenya, Germany and Europe.

Speaking during the press conference, Global Partner for talent development & Advisor to the founders, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi said, “our greatest asset, our people, have demonstrated outstanding expertise and enthusiasm during the past years to propel Mitra Innovation as a leading edge technology and service provider within the digital transformation space. Plans are in progress to attract and invest further in our human capital to truly make a global difference in 2019”.

From left: Mitra Innovation CO-Founder/CEO Ashok Suppiah, Co-Founder/MD Asia Dammika Ganegama, CTO Sudaraka Jayashanka,
Talent Development Partner Dananjaya Hettiarachchi
Co-Founder/COO Derek Bell, General Manager Shifan Saleem.

Ashok Suppiah, CEO and co-founder, commented, “2018 has continued to be a year of positives for Mitra Innovation. It is with a lot of pleasure that I can report that this is a seven year unbroken trend that we are experiencing at Mitra Innovation. Naturally, we are aiming for continued rapid global expansion and the developing economies are the most promising ones. Next year we will be focusing on UK, Europe, Africa and Asia, in our drive to digitise and empower enterprises operating in developing economies across the globe.” Ashok further stated, “we have made significant breakthroughs in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. By early next year we are aiming to roll out a fully fledged machine learning and predictive analytics solution for our enterprise customers”.

Dammika Ganegama, Managing Director and co-founder, stated, “In addition to our operations in Africa, we will also provide similar services to enterprises in Sri Lanka and the neighbouring APAC and ASEAN region, which we have been monitoring for a while. We are happy to say that the positive responses we have received from Sri Lanka, APAC and ASEAN nations only increases our desire to participate as an innovative technology service provider in the regions”.

Derek Bell, COO and co-founder, said, “alongside our core offerings such as digital transformation and cloud integration, we will also be commencing a new service commonly known as DevOps. We will be rolling out this exciting and unique service to cater to the demands of the telecommunications and financial sectors. Our new DevOps service will help large enterprises manage IT infrastructure and further innovate how they create added value for their customers”.

Kimberly Moss, CMO, mentioned, “Mitra Innovation is already a leading technology partner with giants such as Amazon Web Services and WSO2. In the coming year, our customers can expect us to feature partnerships with many more leading technology vendors”.

Mitra Innovation is a strategic global partner for WSO2 open-source integration platform. Standing true to our passion to powering digital transformation across the globe, we are proud to claim that we are the major global partner with the largest number of certified experts and integration consultants within our wealth of engineering expertise. Mitra Innovation also specialises in Cloud technologies including AWS and Microsoft Azure.