For the 5th year in a row, Mitra Innovation held their Annual Company Cricket Tournament-MPL 2019, on the 14th August 2019 at the lush green Buddhadasa Grounds, Battaramulla! This spectacular event was a fun filled day for spectators that included Mitra staff, their families, and friends. The players consisted of Mitra staff members, including Interns and Mitra Innovation Newcomers. Six amazing teams took part: The Titans, Vikings, Chicago Cubs, Spartans, White Walkers, and The Stallions who made their utmost efforts to win by showing their skills. Between the sunshine and the crowd yelling for all the teams, it was nothing but awesome! —Maybe you just had to be there. 

The games were flagged off by Mitra’s organising committee by greeting the six amazing teams. The Titans won the tournament in probably the most exciting game of the day, and The Vikings were a close runner up. Also, the three founders of Mitra Innovation, Ashok Suppiah, Dammika Ganegama, and Derek Bell, along with Mitra’s Leadership Team took part in a friendly match played against selected members of Mitra’s Premier League team, which the Leadership Team won by six runs. Congratulations to them! 

Also, a heartwarming congratulations goes out to the “Players of The Series” who are as follows: Kevin Speering-Best Batsman and the Player of the Series, Malaka Mahanama-Best Bowler, Champi Chandrasiri-Best Batswoman and Best Bowler, Ewantha Kularathne-Man of the Final Match, and  Randima Somathilaka-Woman of the Final Match.

“Sports is a 100% authentic and unfiltered experience,” said DJ Rana of Marketing at Mitra Innovation. “It’s a perfect foundation for a real source of inspiration. And despite the victories, one of the best things about sports, is being a part of something bigger than yourself—working with your team, learning, improving, and overcoming challenges—And that’s something that Mitra does really well—both on the field, and  off the field.” 

mpl 2019

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