Mitra Innovation is pleased to announce the newest addition to its growing client base: Guardian Mobile Personal Safety (Guardian MPS). Mitra has teamed up with the company to help them augment their product offering and provide enhanced services to customers.

About Guardian MPS

Guardian MPS Inc, is a subsidiary of Guardian24, the UK market leader for work alone safety and visiting worker safety solutions. Based in Belfast, the company specialises in the lone working, mobile working and visiting worker personal safety industry for many years. They have a user-base of over 1,000 subscribers in the USA market from various sectors which include: healthcare, social services, charities and voluntary sectors, housing projects, real estate, industry and education. voluntary sectors, housing projects, real estate, industry and education.

The Service

Guardian MPS provides a specific service for organisations deploying and employing outbound and visiting workers in various sectors. When these workers leave the office/hospital/clinic/HQ they step out of the safety of CCTV, security precautions and, most importantly, being with their co-workers. This leaves them vulnerable to risks and threats from the people they have to meet who may sometimes be volatile or aggressive.

Guardian MPS creates and maintains a connection between employees and supervisors, ensuring that if the employee needs help in an emergency, their supervisor (and even the emergency services) has all the information they need about where the employee is and what is happening, and they can then send help.

The Guardian MPS service works as a mobile application which connects employees with supervisors by means of an instant panic button that can be pressed when the employee feels under threat. There is instant background audio monitoring when panic mode is activated, a check-in/check-out timer feature that provides supervisors with knowledge of an employee’s whereabouts, 24/7 central station monitoring, and customisable reports for team supervisors and co-ordinators. The application enables managers to see their employee’s situation at any given time.

Mitra is honoured to have been chosen to expand Guardian MPS’s product sets with innovative ideas and next generation technologies, and is eager to help them scale their application technology.

Guardian MPS has ambitious goals to expand their market in North America and Mitra is committed to their success.
Watch this space!

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