Mitra Innovation and its three co-founders – Ashok Suppiah (CEO), Derek Bell (COO) and Dammika Ganegama (MD) – are pleased to announce we are about to open our fifth global office, which will be located at Innovation Martlesham, in the UK.

Innovation Martlesham is an established high-tech cluster of ICT companies located at Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath, Suffolk. It is the perfect second UK location for our technology obsessed company as the business park is populated by large ICT companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, BT, Cisco Systems, Nokia and Huawei Technologies as well as smaller ICT companies such as underground asset management solution provider OXEMS.

Innovation Martlesham is also attractive to Mitra because it includes an ICT business incubator – something which is quite unique to UK business parks.

Ashok Suppiah says: “As Mitra Innovation provides a range of incubation and start-up services targeted at entrepreneurs and emerging companies, we feel we can share Mitra’s knowledge and passion for innovation with other members of Innovation Martlesham.”

Derek Bell stated: “We’re also eager to help other Innovation Martlesham organisations grow and achieve their potential by providing engineering skills to supplement their own.”


Mitra Innovation’s growth… in a nutshell


Mitra Innovation was born in 2011 and started from humble beginnings with a skeleton staff and one office. It has now grown to a company with an employee headcount of almost 100, and five offices (three in Sri Lanka, an HQ and sales office in London, and the new one about to open at Innovation Martlesham).

As a company, we also have ambitious plans for the future with regards to technology innovation and launching proprietary Mitra integration and incubation products, such as APE2 and AI5. We also plan to increase our customer base by 50% during the calendar year 2017.



Julie Pease

Director - Marketing | Mitra Innovation

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