Ballerina is a new integration language by middleware giants, WSO2. In Sudaraka Jayashanka’s (CTO and Chief Architect at Mitra Innovation) opinion, it is “the first ever appealing integration programming language built specifically for system integration”. (You can read more about Sudaraka’s views and Ballerina in our earlier blog.)

To coincide with the development and soft launch of Ballerina, WSO2 organised a Hackathon in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 22 July, where teams of developers could test its capabilities in real-life development situations.

WSO2 said that the aim of the Hackathon was “for a few passionate programmers to take Ballerina for a twirl, push it to its limits and give … valuable feedback.” Feedback could encompass identifying bugs and providing suggestions for improvements.

To take part in the Hackathon, participants had to apply and submit a real-life proposal for a problem that needed to be fixed, using a solution involving Ballerina. WSO2 selected 25 teams from many entrants. Two of the successful teams chosen – Team Oxygen and Team Cybus – were from Mitra Innovation, a preferred partner of WSO2, and a company with a strong commitment to open source initiatives.

Project proposals

One of the proposals that Mitra Innovation submitted was to develop a customisable news app, which allows users to tailor their news based on:

News source
Frequency of news update.
The app would allow users more control about the type of news they receive, when they receive it, and from where.

Mitra Innovation’s ‘Team Oxygen’ tested the might of Ballerina for this project by implementing the following EIP scenarios:

Service orchestration
Message transformation
Message filtering
Pub-sub model.

Hackathon happenings


Throughout the day, the Mitra Innovation teams were happy with the capabilities of Ballerina and felt they could use it to implement the solutions they had proposed, and ease development tasks when it comes to integration.

Both teams were also useful to WSO2 as they identified bugs, and made suggestions that could improve the Ballerina language.


Dancing to victory


At the end of the day, WSO2 chose three teams who had not only submitted great proposals, but who had effectively demonstrated the power of Ballerina, as well as contributed the most in terms of feedback:

Suggestions (improvements) / bugs pointed
Business use case of the proposal
Number of features of ballerina used.

We’re pleased to report that Mitra Innovation made up two of the three teams!
Thank you to the two great teams from Mitra Innovation who took part. You worked hard and did very well.

Thank you also to WSO2 for developing another great tool, and thank you for allowing us to take part in the Hackathon and choosing our teams as winners.

Bring on the next tool and the next event!



Julie Pease

Director - Marketing

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