I want to share an inspiring story with you, and it’s all about the value of developing an understanding of the opportunities that lie all around us (The thing is, you need to develop a keen eye in-order-to see them). The story goes something like this:

There was once a wealthy farmer.  He lived a very happy life filled with content. Until one day, when a new acquaintance who lived nearby told him about the existence of diamonds; the world’s most valuable rock. The farmer became obsessed with the idea of becoming so extraordinarily wealthy, so much so, that he sold his farm in order to travel the world in search of them, and ended up spending all his money.  

Meanwhile, back at his farm, the new owner took his cattle to a nearby river to give them a drink of water. While the cattle were drinking from the river, he noticed a shiny rock sparkling in the water. He took it back to his farm and placed it near his fireplace and observed it. He recognised that what he has found was a large diamond in the rough.

This was how the “Diamond mine of Golconda” got discovered. It’s one of the most magnificent diamond mines in all the history of mankind. Golconda diamonds are well-known today for its highest quality in the whole world.   

Opportunities are closer than we think

I’m sure you have heard the expression, “The grass is always greener on the other side”. We all dream of finding our success or fortune–but its always somewhere else, maybe in a different city, at a different job, or in a different set of circumstances. And when you get to that “other side”, you find out that the grass isn’t so green after all.  Maybe opportunities are closer than we think.

The Secret to Innovation

Before you dismiss me, and this article, I want to let you know that, as I write this article, I sit amongst an office that’s filled with amazing Software Engineers, QA Engineers, Tech. Leads, Architects, Scrum Masters, and Business Analysts who are constantly pushing things forward with such relentless conviction, all for the sake of the happiness of their clients. This is the fabric of “Mitra Innovation”. And you know what, it’s Them who inspire me to write. They Inspire Me.

Ashok Suppiah, Founding CEO, Dammika Ganegama, Co-Founder and Managing Director, and Derek Bell, Co-Founder and COO of Mitra Innovation invests a great deal of energy in cultivating an atmosphere of high standards; maintaining a startup culture from day one up till today; enabling the organisation to remain hungry, vigilant, and driven to continuously find ways to add value to their clients.  

It is said that Culture is the key to innovation, but what I realise is that it’s the People who are the key to creating that culture; and not just a select few, but everyone. That’s the true secret behind innovation.

You know, there is a Special Relationship between problems and opportunities, –and that special relationship is that–Your problems shall contain within them the seeds of opportunity. –You want a team that pushes on through these problems to identify and capitalise upon the opportunities they contain.

So what should that wealthy farmer have done, instead of selling everything and traveling the world in search of diamonds? First and foremost, he should have invested some time and effort to investigate what diamonds look like in their original form. He should have also inquired about what types of geological formations they are likely to be found. He should have then teamed up with someone knowledgeable, to help him get the right tools, to look in the right places. These three things would have helped him tremendously increase his odds of finding the fortunes he was looking for.  

You already have a Diamond mine, and it’s your Data. Let us help you mine it, and protect it.

Let us help you clean, cut, and polish this valuable raw material that you possess, because only then can the insights they contain “dazzle so brilliantly” in the sunlight of informed strategic decision-making.

About Mitra Innovation

Mitra Innovation is a fast growing UK based technology solutions provider, specialising in product incubation, cloud enablement, digital transformation, and software development, with expertise in WSO2 and AWS technologies. Mitra caters to clients in the fields of Finance, Telecommunication, Education, Healthcare, and Public Sectors, globally.  

Areas of client interest are: Cloud Solutions, Digital Transformation, Big Data and Data Analytics, API Integration, API Management, Fintech, Fintelco, Data Visualization, and Data Governance.

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To learn how Mitra Innovation Experts can help your organisation thrive, call us for a free consult at 0203 908 1977 or email us at innovate@mitrai.com. We look forward to hearing from you.   

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Mitra Innovation

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