The Mobile Industry Contribution to GDP is currently $3.9 Trillion.  The number of Unique Mobile Subscribers is currently $5.1 Billion.  The Penetration Rate is currently 67%. The Telco Ecosystem Market is poised to be a $100 trillion market opportunity  in the next ten years.

With such growing statistics, it’s pretty clear that the Telco industry is primed for ecosystem disruption. How do you plan to be a part of this growth?

Telco.X Convergence Solution

Telcos & MNOs have the richest and most extensive data sets for creating a data ecosystem that can be exploited and monetised by various industriesAnd the Financial Services and banking industry offers the lowest hanging fruit.  

Telco.X is a joint value proposition offered by Mitra Innovation and Apigate. It enables Telcos and Mobile Network Operators to get visibility of all their relevant data, in one easily manageable, accessible, and secure cloud based data lake.   

Telco.X provides a set of secure APIs and pre-built analytics tools which can be used to create an open ecosystem that enables organisations from different industries to collectively exploit the Telco’s data lake—This enables you to collectively create new applications, identify new markets and emerging customer needs, deliver new business benefits, and generate new revenue streams—that benefit all parties involved.

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Mitra specialises in WSO2 middleware, Cloud Services (such as AWS, Azure, GCP), DevOps AND managed services—Technology consulting, Software development, including app development, bespoke software development, and platform and product incubation.

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