About Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship. It is celebrated simultaneously in over 160 countries for one week in November each year. GEW aims to inspire people all around the world to explore their potential as self-starters and innovators by organising about 30,000 activities, run by 25,000 different institutions at local, national and global levels.
GEW is a great time to organise your entrepreneurial thoughts and tap into the partners, investors and peers that can help you take your enterprise to the next level.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is spreading all over the world and many business leaders have come to realise that innovation is the best way to retain their market share. The foundation to encourage innovation is being laid through the emergence of awareness programs, accelerator programs and even incubators, like us at Mitra Innovation.

At Mitra, we believe that innovation is the foundation for improving human life, which is evident when we observe how technology revolutions have created major value for end-users by eliminating complex processes (e.g Uber, Spotify and Amazon). For this reason, we have made efforts to encourage innovation by working with university students, start-ups and large corporates, and challenge them to think outside the box. In honour of the GEW 2016 initiative, we’d like to share the Mitra Innovation story, to not only celebrate ourselves as entrepreneurs, but also to show how dedicated we are to helping as many people as possible ‘make it happen’.

Mitra Innovation Founders

Nearly five years ago, Dammika Ganegama, Ashok Suppiah and Derek Bell – the co-founders of Mitra Innovation – came together to bring to life a single vision of assisting entrepreneurs and enterprises to build and launch disruptive technology solutions.

Ashok Suppiah, our CEO, is a serial entrepreneur whose passion to innovate enabled him to successfully help over 40 start-up clients grow into multi-million dollar businesses (e.g. edocs Inc, part of Oracle) over his 20 year career.

Dammika Ganegama, our MD, is an inspirational leader with over 15 years of experience in running large mission-critical software engineering projects, quality assurance teams and knowledge and business process outsourcing operations. With this rich background, Dammika leads Mitra’s talented and creative product engineering team.

Derek Bell, our COO, is an experienced and accomplished business leader with a proven track record of success, managing very large programmes, big five SI management and enterprise-wide IT initiatives. He is also an Agile expert and has mastered the art of outsourcing. Derek spent the most part of his career

at British Telecom (ADR) as COO for BT Rich Media, and Head of Portfolio Strategy for BT Wholesale. He also founded BT’s Corporate Venture with annual revenues of c. £3.7Bn.

Hear what our founders have to say about entrepreneurship and what it takes to build a business.

Mitra Innovation – the Company

The company started with humble origins: a skeleton staff and a small office. Now, fast forward five years and Mitra Innovation has four offices (one in the UK, three in Sri Lanka), an employee count of almost 100, an impressive client base which has tripled in size in the last few years, and accounts to prove we are not only meeting our revenue targets, but smashing them. We have ambitious plans for the future too. In 2017 we plan to increase our employee headcount to 200 people, as well as open another office in the UK (five global offices in total).

Our Mitra Way framework enables us to define, build and launch businesses in a consistent manner. It is so comprehensive that everyone – from a sole entrepreneur to a corporate division within a large enterprise – can use it to rapidly launch a successful global venture.

We have also harnessed WSO2 middleware in the services we provide, due to its ability to help entrepreneurs incubate products faster and cheaper, with minimal development. This also enables the simple embedding of important capabilities such as security, performance and scalability.

Celebrating GEW

In this moment we celebrate our founders, who took the entrepreneurial walk that cut the path and cleared the way for who we are today as a company. The journey of an entrepreneur is not easy as one has to start from scratch, often times little experience. Entrepreneurship may be challenging, but we cannot deny that it makes the world a better place. Job seekers become job creators and solutions to problems are found and transformed into great ideas that users can access. We encourage everyone to look forward to being creative, believe in their capabilities and trust their ideas not only this week, but on a daily basis.

Let us all get involved in the celebration of Global Entrepreneurship week by either creating events of our own that support entrepreneurship, or by attending a local GEW event. Cheers to entrepreneurship.

Abdulla Muhsin

Specialist - Digital Marketing and Content Writing | Mitra Innovation

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