Using AWS To Automate Your Build & Release Process

UK & EUROPE 12:00 – 13:00 (BST)

17th of April, 2018

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All of the modern day software applications need to have an automated process to deploy into different environments such as QA, UAT, Pre Production and Production. This can help your software deployments to be more efficient and less error prone. There are many tools out there to streamline and automate this process with different pros and cons. These may include on-premise tools as well as cloud based tools.

AWS provides a set of tools that could help you to fully automate your build and release process whether your application is hosted in cloud or on-premise. Not only that these tools are cloud hosted which is managed by AWS to take away the pain of maintenance, but it’s also cost effective too. AWS bills you for the release process only when you use the resources, which can save lot of your organisation’s money!

We will discuss the following topics in this webinar:

  • Introduction to AWS build and release tools
  • Benefits of using AWS build and release tools
  • High Level understanding of the billing aspect
  • Demo: Automate the build and testing process of a sample application
  • Demo: Automate the deployment process of the sample application
  • Demo: Orchestrate the end-to-end CI/CD process
  • Questions and answers session from the audience
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Presenter 1:

Sudaraka Jayashanka – CTO & Chief Architect

Sudaraka has over 14 years of experience in software development, solutions architecture, and project management. He specialises in solutions architecture, API design, project management, technology management, and software development. In his current role at Mitra, he oversees engineering aspects of all the pre-sales activates, software engineering and development and innovation.


Presenter 2:

Anuradha Prasanna – Associate Architect at Mitra Innovation

Anuradha Prasanna is an Associate Software Architect at Mitra Innovation, a technology company that specialises in product, platform and SaaS incubation services, Cloud-to-Cloud systems integration, and digital innovation and transformation.