Use AWS Cognito for Serverless Identity and Access Federation for AWS resources

UK & EUROPE 12:00 – 13:00 (BST)

8th of May, 2018


User authentication and authorisation can be challenging when building web and mobile apps or to provide access to 3rd party users to AWS resources. The challenges include handling user data and passwords, token-based authentication, multi factor authentication, managing fine-grained permissions, scalability, federation, and more.

Amazon Cognito makes it easier to manage user identities, authentication, and permissions in web applications as well as mobile apps; and utilise a consistent, cross-platform identifier for the end users authenticated through public identity providers such as Facebook, Google, Amazon or Custom IDP solutions such as WSO2 Identity Server/ Cognito user pools. As its a cloud hosted offering which is fully managed by AWS it takes away the pain of maintenance, but it’s also cost effective too.

We will discuss the following topics in this webinar:

  • Introduction to AWS Cognito
  • Benefits of using Cognito for Serveless Identity and Access federation
  • Enhanced workflows with AWS Cognito and Pricing strategies
  • Demo : Serverless authentication with AWS cognito user pool
  • Demo : WebApp to federate access to AWS resources via public and custom identity providers
  • Questions and answers session from the audience

Presenter 1:

Nirojan Selvanathan – Senior Software Engineer

Nirojan Selvanathan is a Senior Software Engineer of Mitra’s Research and Development team. He is a google certified data engineer and an experienced full stack developer with 4+ years of industry experience. His interests are in cloud computing, data engineering and machine learning related domains.


Presenter 2:

Ayeshmantha Perera – Software Engineer

Ayeshmantha Perera is a Software Engineer at Mitra Innovation. He is passionate about research and development and currently doing research in machine learning,cloud computing ,big data and blockchain domains.