See how Predictive analytics and Business Intelligence work together using Praedictio

UK & EUROPE 11:00 – 11:45 (BST)

SL 15:30 – 16:15 (IST)


25th of October, 2018

With the advent of connected systems and wholly integrated solutions,  organisations are increasingly in need of simplified data management and data driven intelligence frameworks.

Catering to a need to extract actionable insights off massive volumes of enterprise data – Praedictio Data Lake is a comprehensive ‘end-to-end’ data management framework, that consists of powerful processors and tools that can sustain scalable data lakes and predictive analytics that are powered by modern machine learning techniques – within a single comprehensive framework.

Praedictio Data Lake is developed as a platform, and is packaged and offered as a service (Paas) to enterprise users. Praedictio Data Lake is developed upon underlying AWS technologies – thereby inherently offering scalability, reliability, security and availability  as core features.

From data ingestion,  to enterprise data visualisation, to data governance to deriving powerful data analytics and business insights,  ‘Predictive Analysis and Business Intelligence work together using Praedictio Data Lake’ will be covering all.

This webinar will be presented by Dileepa Jayakody and Sudaraka Jayashanka of Mitra Innovation

We will discuss the following topics in this webinar:

  • Introduction to Praedictio Data Lake
  • User scenarios of different stakeholders
  • Praedictio architecture
  • Product demo
  • Future Plans and what to expect

Presenter 1:

Sudaraka Jayashanka  – CTO & Chief Architect

Sudaraka is Chief Technology Officer at Mitra Innovation and has a wealth experience in systems integration, product incubation and start up growth. Sudaraka is passionate about developing systems that are good for people – and good for the planet we live in. His newest interests are in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive intelligence that can help bring about positive change to the world.

Presenter 2:

Dileepa Jayakody – Technical Lead at Mitra Innovation

Dileepa Jayakody is the R&D team lead at Mitra Innovation. He is passionate about research and development and currently doing research in machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence domains. He is also an open source software enthusiast and a committer in the Apache Software Foundation.