Discover Mitra’s AWS ML models: Abusive Text Content Detector

UK & EUROPE 11:00 – 12:00 (GMT)

31st of January, 2019

Registration closed

Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced its Machine Learning Marketplace in November at its annual learning conference, re:Invent. There were more than 30 partners involved in the launch of the new online marketplace, including Mitra. As part of the launch, Mitra submitted three models and this webinar focuses on one of these, the ‘Abusive Text Detector’.

With the advancement of social media platforms, content moderation has become a challenge. There have been instances where cyberbullying and hate speech has led to cases of violence and anti-social behaviour, not to mention self-harm.

In response to this, Mitra developed its ‘Abusive Text Detector’ model which can detect toxic comments in a given content and analyse their severity, helping those who use it to identify and remedy any issues.

Taking you through the model will be two of Mitra’s machine learning experts who have been involved in the building of this and other machine learning tools. You’ll see a demo of the model, uncover the business benefit and be able to find out how you can subscribe to it via the AWS Marketplace.

Presenter 1:

Kalani Samarawickrame –  Senior Software Engineer

Kalani is a Senior Software Engineer at Mitra Innovation Research and Development Division. She from her Masters in Keio University, Japan and her research interests include; AR, VR and Machine Learning.

Presenter 2:

Dushan Devinda – Intern – Research and Development | Mitra Innovation

Dushan devinda is a computer science undergraduate at Kotelawala defence university. He is currently working with Mitra’s Research and development team. His interests are in machine learning and data engineering.