Mitra Innovation Accelerator Platform for Startups with WSO2 Middleware

UK & Europe 13:00 (GMT)

13th of April, 2016

Accelerator Platform for Startups with WSO2 Middleware

Tech based startups are quite common these days. But only a few make it a success. Mitra Innovation is dedicated for helping smart entrepreneurs to accelerate innovative ideas into amazing global businesses and solutions and to see them successful. With our own accelerator framework, we are now helping many entrepreneurs to apply the best possible technology into their business. WSO2 technologies plays a vital role in our accelerator framework. With a variety components in WSO2 middleware, we have been able to deliver sophisticated solutions to our startup clients.

In this session, Sudaraka will be talking about Mitra’s accelerator platform for entrepreneurs and some success stories predominantly on WSO2 ESB, IS and API Manager.

A practical approach to the API Façade Pattern.

Organisations in a globalised and competitive world must have their systems connected. In most cases the systems will provide services not ready-made to safely and cleanly be accessed by the consumers, posing a common challenge for API providers.

APIs expose business functionality to be accessed by external and internal consumers. From a technical point of view, APIs provide an abstract layer for the internal services to cater to consumer demand.

In this session, Luis will explain the best practices and we will see a practical approach to apply the well know Façade pattern using the WSO2 stack.

Presenter 1:

Luis Peñarrubia – Integration Consultant and Solutions Architect – Chakray Consulting

Luis is an experienced consultant and Solutions Architect with over 10 years experience. Open Source enthusiast and agile development, Luis is a specialist in integration and SOA has participated in major projects for public administration and companies in the financial sector. He currently works as Solutions Architect at WSO2 projects in the UK.

Presenter 2:

Sudaraka Jayashanka

Sudaraka has over 15 years of experience in software development, solutions architecture, and project management. He specialises in software development with various programming languages, solutions architecture, system integration and governance practices, API design, project management and technology management. In his current role at Mitra, he spearheads the technology, research and development and innovation. He holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Canterbury New Zealand.