Ballerina Integration Language – A simplified way to integrate microservices for complex operations


The world of connected and integrated systems is experiencing a shift – from legacy Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) type integrated systems – to cloud based, serverless and microservices based solutions. These newer and more simpler methods of integration can be of unparalleled value to organisations that seek cost effective, scalable, manageable and reliable solutions for their total systems integration.

In this webinar, we explore ‘Ballerina’ – an open source, cloud native network  programming language made available by WSO2. Ballerina provides a rich set of features and functionalities specially for microservices based cloud integration programs. Ballerina also comes with a sophisticated toolkit for development, testing and deployment purposes. During this webinar, we will be covering almost all of the features that ballerina has to offer – through a specific use case scenario aimed at covering the requirements of the hospitality industry – to demonstrate how Ballerina can be utilised to develop microservices for complex integrations.

‘Ballerina Integration Language – A simplified to integrate microservices for complex operations’ will be hosted by seasoned Integration experts – Isuru Gunawardana and Randima Somathilaka from Mitra Innovation based on the latest Ballerina release (v0.982).

We will discuss the following topics in this webinar:

  • Introduction to Ballerina – A Cloud Native Programming Language
  • Challenges in the modern world of integration
  • Advantages of utilising Ballerina
  • How to contribute to Ballerina
  • Talk to us for help with Ballerina
  • Q&A

Presenter 1:

Isuru Gunawardana – Associate Software Architect at Mitra Innovation

Isuru is a Associate Software Architect at Mitra Innovation, and provides technical guidance to a number of integration teams within Mitra Innovation. Isuru is an avid ballerina enthusiast and has guided his team to victory at the inaugural ballerina hackathon that was hosted by WSO2.

Presenter 2:

Randima SomathilakaSoftware Engineer at Mitra Innovation

Randima is a certified WSO2 developer in technical areas such ESB, API Manager and Identity Server. She is part of Mitra Innovation’s group of integration experts and has contributed immensely to the testing and implementation of Ballerina as an integration language. Randima also happens to be an enthusiast in computer engineering fields such as distributed computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.