Mitra Innovation’s MD is interviewed on Derana TV’s ‘Heartbeat of Sri Lanka’

Dammika Ganegama, Co-founder and Managing Director of Mitra Innovation, recently shared some of his views and ideologies on entrepreneurship on a TV programme called ‘Heartbeat of Sri Lanka’. Dammika was interviewed by Sachitha Kalingamudali and spoke about the same ideologies that have helped to build Mitra Innovation to become the successful company that it is today. Dammika emphasised the importance of doing what’s right in business, no matter the cost. This is an attitude that helps build integrity in a technology industry that is extremely fast paced and requires highly trustworthy people in the right places.

Having put his childhood ambition of wanting to become a pilot on hold, Dammika chose to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. Although Dammika had always wanted to be an entrepreneur one day, he knew he would have to be strategic about his goals because he knew he needed to expose himself to the many different roles required to run a successful company. Today Mitra Innovation is a successful company, employing more than 160 employees with offices in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka, as well as a presence in the US and Australia.

Dammika explained, “Mitra Innovation works with entrepreneurs who have business ideas, and we help them turn their ideas into an innovative business. Through Mitra Innovation’s Accelerated Innovation Framework (AI5), entrepreneurs are provided with a visualisation of their business idea in all completeness. Once all necessary operations of the business idea are clearly visualised, Mitra Innovation works to successfully build the product and assists with implementation and ‘go to market’ operations as well. Mitra Innovation’s unique selling proposition is all about constantly challenging the status quo and transforming businesses to become more profitable or even increasing operational efficiencies.”

With a multitude of projects currently underway, Mitra Innovation is involved in fields ranging from Healthcare, Retail, IoT, Business Transformation and Cloud-to-Cloud Integration to mention a few.

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