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WSO2 has a large suite of open source products ranging from systems integration, to API Management, Big Data Analytics, to Governance, DevOps and Managed Services, to Identity Management. They also have specific solutions for topical issues such as PSD2 and GDPR.

WSO2’s products and solutions can be mixed and matched, to solve a variety of technological or digital transformation issues for organisations and businesses.

Depending on the needs of our clients, our expert engineers at Mitra Innovation are skilled to pick ‘n’ mix components of the WSO2 product suite, to design bespoke solutions unique to a business or organisation.

The beauty of WSO2’s open source middleware is that it can also be further adapted to suit any given situation. For example, a business may have API management requirements, in which case our engineers would choose WSO2’s API Management product. However they may also add extra code to the product to tailor it to a specific business need.


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Here are some of the WSO2 technologies that Mitra Innovation engineers use on a daily basis for our clients. These can all be used a building blocks to achieve a single goal, and adapted to suit specific business needs. And we not only help our clients choose the right WSO2 products, but we can also integrate them, as well as provide 24×7 customer support during integration and afterwards.

Systems Integration

We use WSO2’s Enterprise Service Bus to build sophisticated integration capabilities, such as connecting mainstream legacy applications to new modern apps.

API Management

Enabling businesses to launch new services fast is crucial. We have a proven framework for designing, publishing, scaling and managing APIs for our clients.

Identity Server

When a user interacts with applications, their experience should be safe and secure. WSO2’s sophisticated Identity Server creates security.

Big Data Analytics

Good data provides insights which can drive a business forward. WSO2’s Data Analytics Server allows teams to dig deeper and make the right decisions.

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