The Amazon Web Services Marketplace for Machine Learning

Mitra’s Machine Learning Solution

Praedictio is Mitra’s cloud based data lake and Machine Learning (ML) framework fully deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform leveraging the underlying scalability, performance, security and accuracy of the AWS services to provide an end-to-end data lake and ML solution on the powerful AWS platform.

Praedictio can be used to handle business critical queries in areas such as customer forecasting, product life cycles, product management, understanding customer needs, and more. Find out more about Praedictio here.

AWS Machine Learning Marketplace Launch

Mitra’s pre-packaged Machine Learning products

Mitra has developed and deployed a series of new-to-market ML products on AWS. Each of these pre-packaged algorithms are available on the AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning, ready for you to deploy onto your AWS account today.

Bitcoin Price

With Mitra’s time-series price indicator, which uses past price trends, you can buy and sell your cryptocurrency with increased confidence.
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The diabetes detector allows you to identify whether someone is likely to be diabetic based on parameters such as age, BMI, glucose levels and blood pressure.
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Abusive Text Content Detector

Identify and monitor abusive content and offensive language in any given text and analyse patterns in its occurrence using Mitra’s abusive content detector.
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Machine Learning Webinars

Join us for one of our upcoming webinars to find out more about AWS SageMaker, the new marketplace for ML and Mitra’s exciting products.

Build and deploy Machine Learning models with AWS SageMaker

6th December, 11:00 -11:45 (GMT)

This will be an introductory webinar on how to use SageMaker to develop ML models and use it for business applications.

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Uncover Mitra’s AWS Machine Learning models

13th December, 11:00 -11:45 (GMT)

This will be an exploration of our products that are on the AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning. We will walk you through how to deploy our algorithms on your AWS account and show you how you can develop business applications using these models.

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