Transform and evolve in a digital world

Adapting to digital change is key to survival

Digital transformation can mean many different things: analysing data to improve customer experiences; machine learning to promote traffic safety; or consolidating hundreds of enterprise legacy systems into a single effective integrated platform.

At Mitra Innovation we perform digital transformation programs for our clients by leveraging a mix of different digital technologies to help businesses improve their processes, make better decisions with data, and create USPs by building new products and platforms.

Mitra Innovation digital transformation services

WSO2 middleware

The largest number of WSO2 experts driving digital transformations



Amazon web services

AWS cloud migrations, DevOps and machine learning



Technology consulting

Providing as little or as much technology support as you need



Managed services

Unifying software development and IT with DevOps and managed services



Digital transformation projects can often require systems integration, API management, data migrations, security, enterprise governance, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Using WSO2 and AWS, and our skills in DevOps, Managed Services and Technology Consulting we manage the projects so that businesses and organisations can drive forwards and grow.

Succeed in a digital world with agility, speed, data and innovation

To succeed in today’s world organisations need agility, speed, data and innovation. The ability to digitally evolve and transform is key to keeping customers happy, to stay one step ahead of the competition, to improve the processes of business, and to maintain a healthy top-line revenue.

Examples of digital transformation projects in recent months include:


Travis Perkins plc is a British builders’ merchant and home improvement retailer based in…

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Building an innovative electoral management platform for Modern Democracy Limited.

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Designing and implementing a new stock management system with a sophisticated ordering…

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