Thomas Cook Money Australia

Thomas Cook, one of the world’s leading holiday companies, launched its new financial services division, Thomas Cook Money, in 2017. The division brought together all of Thomas Cook’s existing financial services under one brand, in order to help the company focus on launching new innovative products to enhance its holiday money offering to customers, both at home and abroad.

Following the restructure, in 2018 Thomas Cook Money Australia, an owned subsidiary of Thomas Cook Money UK, was launched to provide financial travel services to the domestic Australian market. Since the launch, Thomas Cook Money Australia has built up an offering to cater for a wide variety of essential travel needs, such as Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex), travel insurance and a travel SIM.

The challenge

Thomas Cook started off its operations in Australia with the intention of launching a few travel-related products to the market quickly. Thomas Cook Australia’s business model was to partner with reputable and stable third-party service providers and extend those services to Thomas Cook customers at an attractive rate via an integrated and easy to use hub.

To help implement its strategy for the Australian market, Thomas Cook Money engaged with an in-country technical solution provider that promised to deliver the interface that was required. After starting work on the project, Thomas Cook Money quickly discovered that the selected provider didn’t have the skills to deliver what was needed in the necessary timeframes. As a result of this delay , there was extra pressure on the Thomas Cook Money team to find a new partner that had the technical ability to deliver the platform they needed quickly. In its search, Thomas Cook Money received a recommendation for Mitra, as a partner that had the technical experience and delivery maturity to produce the integrated web platform in time for its proposed launch date.

The solution

Understanding the need for responsiveness, Mitra quickly pulled together an experienced project team that had the capability to create an interface that could integrate with its chosen third-party suppliers and deliver on key project milestones on time.


The Mitra team successfully integrated the three third-party white labelled products that form Thomas Cook Money’s financial travel services offering, which includes travel money, travel insurance and a travel SIM. A new website was also created as part of the integration to make the products accessible to customers via a fresh, on-brand, user-friendly interface.


Throughout the project, the Mitra team worked closely with Thomas Cook Money to ensure they understood the full requirements of what was needed, making recommendations at every stage to help get the best outcome from the project that met the requirements of the customer and end-user alike. This resulted in the addition of technical enhancements including, increased platform security to ensure customer data was always secure and application enhancements to make it as trustworthy as possible.


A key part of the project was the management of external vendors, which meant dealing with any disparities or variances in the applications in order to ensure the timely delivery of key business and technical milestones. This required the team to be flexible, working with the third parties to ensure seamless integration.

The result

Thomas Cook Money was able to launch its new corporate branded website on time, with three seamlessly integrated travel products. By delivering the project on time and being transparent throughout the project, the Thomas Cook Money marketing team was able to plan and execute their activities effectively to ensure they had the most impact on attracting customers.

Impressed with the platform, Mitra has continued to work with Thomas Cook Money following the launch and has helped to create a digital roadmap that looks at how its offering can be enhanced, which Mitra will work with Thomas Cook Money to implement. Once completed, Thomas Cook Money will have access to analytics to make smarter data-driven decisions, it will also allow the organisation to integrate seamlessly with any additional third-party providers through new capabilities such as auto-scaling, high availability and disaster recovery.

Business benefits

  • A professional, secure, user-friendly website that customers can trust
  • A fully white labelled product offering via third-party services accessible from one location
  • A future-proof, scalable interface that can evolve with Thomas Cook Money as the services it offers diversifies

Mark Tarring
 Managing Director – Thomas Cook Money APAC

Working with Mitra Innovation has been a truly amazing experience. It was a challenging time for us when we first approached Mitra to take on the project, with a number complex integrations needed in a short time period to ensure we could meet our scheduled launch date.

The Mitra team not only had the skill set needed to complete the work, they also had the dedication and passion to ensure our deadlines were met at every stage. I cannot thank the team enough for going above and beyond to help us deliver what was required and I look forward to working with them further as we scope out plans for additional third-party integrations that will enable us to offer our customers a wider range of white labelled financial services.