Switching to Amazon Web Services saved time, money, and manpower for GuardianMPS

Executive summary


GuardianMPS is a Northern Ireland based company operating in the lone working, mobile working and visiting worker personal safety industry. Through the means of a mobile application with an instant panic button, the company specialises in creating and maintaining communications between co-workers and supervisors when they leave the safety of their office, hospital, or clinic. This ensures that if an employee needs help in a dangerous or volatile situation, or if they feel under threat, their colleagues will have all the information about where they are and what they are doing so that assistance can be sent quickly.

GuardianMPS is a very successful company with a user-base of over 1,000 subscribers. As the company grew, its existing on-premise environment started to show signs of stress, related to performance and reliability. The on-premise environment also became increasingly expensive to maintain. To solve the issues, GuardianMPS called Mitra Innovation to help migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud environment.

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