About Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins plc has a 200-year history in the industry and is the largest distributor of building materials in the UK. The company operates over 20 businesses across the UK, including

well-known retailers such as Wickes, Tile Giant and Tool Station and owns 19 product brands within these businesses. Headquartered in Northampton, the company has more than 29,000 colleagues across more than 2,000 branches, stores and sites around the UK.

The challenge

In 2016 Travis Perkins reviewed its business strategy with the aim to make the most of the company’s unique breadth and size. Having been so acquisitive over the years, Travis Perkins was in an excellent position to exploit the Group’s scale to improve efficiency and enhance its customer offering. Travis Perkins realised that to be able to fully capitalise on its unique position and realise its strategy, it needed to make sure that its systems were fit for purpose.

Travis Perkins made the decision to invest in a new enterprise software solution that would help to deliver efficiency to the business and its customers, reduce IT expense and provide the company with real-time data and reports. As an enabler for implementing the new software, Travis Perkins needed a middleware expert that could integrate its many co-dependent platforms. After a thorough vendor selection process, Mitra was selected as the ideal partner for the integration, based on the team’s skillset, innovative outlook and honest approach.

Implementing a solution

Mitra assembled an expert team of 50 integration specialists for the project. The team would be responsible for integration analysis as well as designing and implementing a scalable WSO2 solution that would evolve in line with the company.


The main ongoing task is building targeted integrated solutions for the Travis Perkins subsidiaries. Mitra has so far integrated numerous downstream systems so that any changes made to company records filter down into related data sources and supporting applications. In addition, for the Travis Perkins HR team, work undertaken by Mitra will mean they only have to update employee data in one core location, regardless of which part of the business the employee is from. This means data will be kept up to date more easily and minimises the time spent on database admin.


Mitra’s team is working with Travis Perkins to ensure the end result will work seamlessly and join up all its disparate systems. Knowing it is a long-term project made up of numerous smaller projects, Mitra has mapped out the larger project to show how each building block will create optimal results for Travis Perkins and its digital transformation goals. Always having the large-scale project in mind, enables the Mitra team to create building blocks that not only work stand alone but work as part of the larger
integration piece.


Separate from the ongoing integration work, Mitra has already enabled the Wickes subsidiary to gain access to Group services, which are held within the Travis Perkins estate. Adding a
middleware layer, Mitra opened downstream systems up to data that allowed Wickes to access product, inventory, location and taxonomy related details. This allows Wickes employees to check product information quickly for customers so they can provide an even better service.

The end result 

Utilising the team’s expertise, by the end of the work Mitra will have implemented a platform that contains many different integration scenarios that vary from simple API invocations to complex large file processing and transfer scenarios. This will provide Travis Perkins with a  fully integrated software solution that will enable it to build better customer relationships and improve employee productivity.

Projected business benefits

  • Improved customer service with the use of real-time data

  • Increased employee productivity via faster data retrieval and updating of information
  • Better business insight with easier access to critical business data

Chris Stone
 Head of IT Integration

As the Head of IT Development at Travis Perkins, I have been truly impressed with the Mitra Innovation team and I am thrilled we chose them as our partner for this important integration project. Mitra Innovation has brought WSO2 systems integration expertise to Travis Perkins and has enabled existing and new technologies to communicate across our systems. There is a strong relationship between us, which is bolstered by Mitra’s drive to find innovative solutions and ensure the best result. The determination and commitment of Mitra are enabling us to achieve our goals for delivering the next generation of tech evolution for Travis Perkins

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