A rapidly changing world….

…requires innovation like never before

“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster”

Elon Musk


We’ve known for some time change was accelerating with each passing year. But what just happened is sudden and discontinuous change.

Change on a scale that could never have been predicted.

Organisations are fighting to get back on the front foot…


…what’s needed now is

lightning fast innovation

Extraordinary collaboration is
required to innovate together.
Solutions that enable services to
be offered remotely.

Mitra Innovation is leading the way…

Helping private hospitals and clinics, employers and occupational health providers deliver outstanding digital health services remotely. We provide rapid innovation support to address problems and opportunities in real time. Working with our “low-code” partner Creatio we can develop new digital healthcare services in hours not months.


MiliE (Mitra Life Essentials online)

Bringing consumers, merchants and banks together to create a simpler way of trading and making payment. MiliE is a powerful new digital wallet service that creates new ways for people to buy from local businesses during these challenging times and allows banks to offer new digital services to their customers.


Remote Call Centers

We help companies achieve effective operation of their call centres, even with every agent at home. Maintaining service and support for your customers is critical throughout this challenging time. Working with our partner Netcall we provide rapid call centre innovation to keep you and your customers connected.


Cost Optimisation

Digital transformation and cost optimisation should be business as usual. Now more than ever they are needed to underpin the move to digital business online and to streamline operations. We work with our opensource integration partner WSO2 to create seamless online experiences and drive simplicity and efficiency.


We innovate with you to create and launch new products and services at pace. We bring specialist skills and world class developers to work alongside your teams. As experts in remote and distributed working we can help your teams stay engaged, productive and on track.

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