Successfully developing Cloud-integrated business information systems for Capital Alliance using Amazon Web Services

Executive summary

Executive summary Capital Alliance (CAL), one of the leading investment banks in Sri Lanka, required a solution to their aging problem of data redundancy, data inconsistency and customer duplication. CAL’s business system capabilities were limited in terms of computability such as scalability, availability and reliability largely due to their business systems operating to an on-premise computing infrastructure model.

Being an organisation primarily in the field of finance and investments, CAL lacked expertise in areas such as cloud computing and systems integration to proceed with modelling and integrating their business systems.

While looking for expert partners in the cloud computing domain, CAL identified Mitra Innovation as an organisation with the expertise to help them migrate and integrate their systems to the cloud. Mitra Innovation recommended and made use of a number of Amazon Web Services (AWS) products to successfully conclude the cloud integration project.

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