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Christie Spaces

As the boom in business continues to grow, multiple industry opportunities are discovered every day. With the splurge of small businesses and entrepreneurial activity across the globe and new enterprise creations, industries continue to flourish. With booming business comes the challenge of real-estate, setting up operations and scaling to growth and expansion across regions.

Coworking has been the much-anticipated solution – taking the hassle out of finding spaces for yourself, leaving it with experts who set up well-furbished offices to suit every stage of business growth – be it a single desk, private offices to complete office management for 500+ employees. 2018 Global Coworking Survey estimates that 1.7 million people will be working in around 19,000 coworking spaces around the world by the end of 2018.

Christie Spaces is 100% Aussie owned and operated since its inception in 1980 – way before coworking was a thing. Architect-designed workspaces with a variety of large shared areas and amenities give members flexibility in how and where they work representing true business freedom for the business, team and clients.

Christie Spaces launched their newest coworking space at 240 Queen Street in Brisbane with 3500 square meters of office space across three podium levels.

How does Christie’s expand and enhance their coworking solutions to their clients?

To support local and international business that are constantly on the lookout for bigger and better opportunities, Christie’s must first address their own operational management, adapt to evolving business models that put community first.

According to every second coworking operator from the Global Coworking Survey, gaining new members remains the biggest challenge for coworking spaces. Another problem listed by operators is the general workload.

Partnering with technology to provide the best turn-around for Christie’s clients

Christie Spaces embarked on a truly ambitious digital program, completely revamping their internal business support systems and providing innovative solutions to their client including mobile app to book your spaces conveniently on the go.
On the promise to “discover a space that grows with your ideas”, starting with a personal desk, moving to a private office, then expanding into an office cluster; technology has transformed business growth solutions. The digital program kicked in advance of physical office design and architecture and leaping into technological solutions has provided record turn-around times and service for their clients.

Mobility, agility, collaboration and employee motivation are now key success factors. This is why the Christie’s model of 24/7 access and fast, intuitive technology throughout the space creates an environment of unparalleled engagement, productivity and community for all members.

Mitra Innovation leverages AWS partnership to enable rapid expansion at Christie Spaces

Drawing from the expertise with Mitra Innovation’s partner eco-system, AWS was the go-to provider to host, deploy and scale all Christie’s IT infrastructure requirements. Christie’s business support systems to enable marketing, client acquisition, reservations, contracting, billing and service fulfillment all required a well-designed and structured solution that would be scalable, secure, available, and easy to manage.

AWS Components used in Christie’s Deployment Architecture

  • AWS EC2 for computing
  • AWS S3 as media store
  • AWS SQS as queue service
  • AWS SES as email gateway
  • AWS SNS to manage notifications
  • AWS Cloudwatch to aggregate logs
  • AWS Cloudformation to create the infrastructure stack AWS ELB to balance the load across instances
  • AWS VPC as private cloud
  • AWS RDS as database

What was achieved

  • AWS Code Deploy to enable automated deployment and availability on upgrades (minimum downtime on new release) using Blue/Green deployment strategy to deploy all the application components to maintain zero downtime throughout the deployment process.
  • Deploying solution to scale by running on a clustered environment with auto scale groups to handle the higher load and user activity.
  • All application components have at least two instances located in different availability zones to ensure high availability .
  • All infrastructure components are secured by VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) where inter resources access is handled via IAM roles.
  • AWS CloudWatch is used to aggregate all application components logs where each instance are configured for immediate notifications whenever something fishy is detected based on a highly attuned escalation protocol.
  • AWS Database backup and recovery options is enabled to ensure business continuity.
  • AWS CloudTrail is used to increase visibility of user and resource activity by recording AWS Management Console actions and API calls to discover and troubleshoot security and operational issues.

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