A Major UK Public Utility Company

In 2016, two of the UK’s largest utility companies joined forces to comply with new regulations, creating a new joint venture (JV). The JV created one of England’s largest business utility suppliers, serving all types of business customers, from small independents to the largest national chains. The aim was to make the two companies more competitive, improve customer service and increase the number of products on offer.

The Challenge

To achieve its goals, the newly formed organisation needed to access data seamlessly from across numerous systems. Data synchronisation was therefore at the top of the agenda, with the company looking for a partner that could integrate multiple information sources including CRMs, ERPs and finance systems. The utility company appointed a specialist consultancy firm to manage the whole project. Taking on the project, the firm knew that the scale of the task called for a highly adaptable middleware platform and choose WSO2 as the best solution. Mitra was chosen for its middleware expertise based on the company’s experience in implementing similar projects and WSO2 skills.

The Solution

Mitra’s WSO2 experts proposed an architecture stack that would utilise WSO2 technology to produce a robust integration platform able to cater to the high volume of transactions expected, with guaranteed on-time message delivery. The team worked rigorously on refining user stories to get a clearer understanding of the project requirements before starting the 40+ complex integrations that were required.

Joined up systems

A major part of the project was the integration of two fully fledged ERP systems that had been in operation for many years, both of which had existing connections to and from multiple third-party systems, through numerous APIs. The Mitra team had to plan and prepare extensively to ensure it had a complete understanding of the various components so that every part of the system would be seamlessly accessible after the integration.

A fully supported solution

Simply integrating the systems wasn’t enough, additional elements were needed as part of the scope including email alerts and archiving email messages so that the organisation could be smarter with their data. Capabilities such as Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) were incorporated as part of the integration work carried out by Mitra.

Agile approach

The entire project was delivered on-time using a high-rigour “two-weekly agile” process. The business clearly saw the progress made fortnightly with an option to customise their requirements without impacting the overall timeline.

The Result

The strategy consulting partner was relying on Mitra to deliver on the scope in line with customer expectations and the team did not disappoint. The systems of the two companies were integrated successfully, allowing for the easy retrieval of data from multiple locations. This meant the joint venture could operate smoothly and deliver on its promise of improving the customer experience, helping to make it more competitive in a notoriously challenging market.

Business Benefits

  • Enabled two businesses to be integrated as planned
  • Facilitated smarter, more informed decision making through the availability of new informative, automated reports and intuitive alerts
  • Increased system capabilities through the system’s ability to perform interactions with multiple external services, for example, third party data validations platforms
  • Enabled data to be accessed much more quickly, speeding up operations and allowing customer queries to be handled more effectively and efficiently

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