While the world of system integration remains heavy with its technologies, an Open Source giant of the space, WSO2, recently took a very different turn by introducing Ballerina.
 Sudaraka Jayashanka, CTO and Chief Architect from Mitra Innovation, explains the new integration language and highlights a WSO2 hackathon which is about to take place, relating to the technology.


For those who do not know WSO2’s Ballerina, it is, in my opinion as the CTO of a technology innovation company, the first ever appealing integration programming language built specifically for system integration.

Ballerina is a sophisticated, strongly typed, beautiful parallel language which comes with excellent features such as: a sequence diagram aided graphical integration flow builder (which ultimately converts the designed integration to Ballerina code); graphical and textual syntaxes; and many pre-built connectors for Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. By design it is built to work with networks and it is optimised for network delivery.

Another significant feature added to the language is the ‘Internationalisation’ function, where Ballerina code can be written in the programmer’s native language, based on a language pack. Although this is still in the development stage, the decision WSO2 had taken to bring in such a feature is truly commendable and unseen in any known programming language.

As a preferred partner of WSO2, Mitra Innovation had always been an early adopter when it comes to embracing their new technologies. Therefore, it is no surprise that our engineers jumped in and started exploring Ballerina very quickly when it was announced. The overall feedback has so far been good, and we have a good feeling that Ballerina is here to stay and will undoubtedly revolutionise how we manage integrations in the future.

WSO2 is currently contributing a great deal to Ballerina’s creation. For example, continuous improvements are also being made to make Ballerina more accessible to larger communities. Based on this recent post from Imesh Gunaratne on Implementing Serverless Functions with Ballerina on AWS Lambda, it is evident that WSO2 is putting a great deal of effort into bringing Ballerina into the mainstream.


A Ballerina hackathon


To create awareness and build interest in Ballerina, WSO2 had announced a Ballerina Hackathon which is taking place in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 8.00am-8.00pm on Saturday 22 July 2017 in the WSO2 Lobby, located at No. 20, Palm Grove Colombo 03.

WSO2 says that the aim of the hackathon is to “for a few passionate programmers to take Ballerina for a twirl, push it to its limits and give … valuable feedback.”

As Mitra Innovation is a company with a thirst for knowledge, two teams of our top internal engineers have signed-up to take part in the one-day event. We wish our teams very good luck, whilst we also continue to embrace Ballerina and wait for it to become a part of WSO2’s official company solutions stack.

* Ballerina will be presented on a general availability release (GA release) very soon.



Sudaraka Jayashanka

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